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Refined Fuels

Would you like a more productive fleet? Are you doing everything you can to keep your equipment on the job and in field? You'll be happy to hear that for businesses like yorus that run on diesel, there's now a better running diesel.

Announcing the newly enhanced Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels, designed to meet the tough demands of today's engine technologies and ensure consistently high performance.

Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel is now the only diesel fuel containing a special additive to help prevent fouling issues--a problem experienced in modernized diesel engines (2007 and newer) built to meet EPA emission standards. In those engines, increased pressure and temperatures can cause diesel fuel to "cook," leading to injector/filter problems, reduced efficiency, costly repairs and even engine failures.

Our premium diesel fuels are designed to optimize performance in existing engine technologies. In fact, no other diesel fuel contains a more complete, balanced, and quality additive package. Compared to typical #2 diesel fuel, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels:

  • Improve fuel economy by as much as 5 percent
  • Increase power by up to 4.5 percent
  • Boost fuel lubricity by 10-15 percent
  • Extend life of infectors/injector pumps
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Have a higher octane number (typically 48)

It's the perfect time to make the change to Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel and Ruby Fieldmaster® Soy-Enhanced Diesel Fuel. We're committed to using our knowledge of fuel and engines to keep your vehicles operating as efficiently as possible, and to earning your business through exceptional service. Call or visit us today!