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Fall Update:

As we gear up for harvest, we can't forget about the health of your cattle herd. This time of year is also the time many will start to wean their calves. It is important to make sure those calves start off on the right foot and are under the least amount of stress as possible.

One way to help with the transition is to feed a weaning ration. Consumers Oil Co. provides several different options from Purina, including Precon Complete, Stress Care 5, Accuration Starter and Developer, or just a custom ration, we can help you develop as well. We are very flexible at accommodating what best suits your operations. We can also get your ration medicated but make sure you stop and talk to your local veterinarian in advance and get a VFD.

Another way to keep your herd healthy is keeping mineral out in front of them. Purina's Wind and Rain mineral line is designed to address the mineral deficiencies that available forage lacks, in a very palatable, weather-resistant, and granular formula. The Storm formula technology has a large particle size to provide ultimate weather resistance to reduce waste and make it more economical to feed than other conventional minerals. The Wind and Rain mineral contains the proper balance and ratios of all 14 essential cattle minerals and with a consistent intake of 4 ounces per head, per day you can ensure they are getting their adequate dosage.